Farfalline with bell peppers


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    • 4 Jolife yellow bell peppers
    • 1 clove garlic 
    • 1 spring onion 
    • 400 g farfalle pasta
    • 100 ml heavy cream or creamy cheese (Philadelphia)
    • Grated Parmesan cheese
    • Salt 
    • Pepper 
    • Oil


    Rinse the bell peppers, remove the filaments and seeds, and cut into thin strips. Sauté the onion in a frying pan with the oil over very low heat until wilted, then add the bell pepper strips. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally, season with salt and pepper, cover and continue cooking for 15 more minutes over low heat. Add the cream or creamy cheese and cook over medium heat for 10 more minutes. Adjust the seasoning if necessary, turn off the heat and add the torn basil leaves and chopped parsley.

    Meanwhile bring water to a boil in a large pan, add the salt and cook the farfalle according to the instructions on the package. Drain the pasta while still al dente and transfer to the frying pan with the pepper sauce. Stir over high heat for a few minutes, until all ingredients are well combined, then top with the Parmesan and serve.