Bell peppers

    How They Grow

    • Jolife peppers are grown in different varieties; they stand out for the shape of the fruit, bell-shaped or elongated.
    • The cultivation of Jolife peppers occurs both in open field and in a protected environment.
    • The harvesting of Jolife peppers is scalar: only ripe fruits are collected, while unripe fruits are left on the plant.
    • Jolife peppers are harvested manually, with the help of shears. The fruits are delicately placed into suitable containers, to avoid damage.

    Their benefits

    • Naturally rich in vitamin C and provitamin A.
    • They have a higher vitamin C content than lemons and oranges.
    • They help to prevent early aging, tumours and cardiovascular diseases.
    • Vitamins are fragile and they deteriorate with cooking: to retain their goodness, we recommend that you eat the peppers raw.
    0 mg/100g31 kcal/100g424 uq/100g166 mg/100g


    You can store them in the pantry or in the cellar.

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