Jolife Biorganic is a synonym for biological and biodynamic grown fruit and vegetables. They were born out of Jolife’s experience on the fruit & vegetables market and developed through its great know-how. Jolife takes pride in a team of professionals, who exclusively deal with Organic production & trade and work in order to meet the retailers’ requirements. Thanks to our producer network, we are able to provide our customers with organic fruit and vegetable from Italy, Spain, Morocco and Serbia. This allows us to provide a vast array Jolife Biorganic branded Products.

    Jolife Biorganic distinguishes itself within the organic world because of its products’ transparency and supply chain reliability. We are proud to say that we have already achieved this goal with Joylife through our great experience in the conventional fruit and vegetables trading.

    What is important to us and motivated us for the development of an innovative approach in the organic fruit and vegetable world?

    • the health of our consumers
    • product and supply chain security
    • fairness towards customers, consumers and nature
    • the quality of fruit and vegetables
    • transparency in products’ origins
    • the taste of organic products

    Our strength? We have been applying the skills and ability of Jolife professionals, which Jolife team has been developing since 1930, to Jolife Biorganic.

    Since then, Jolife has been cooperating with selected and competent growers and suppliers, who hold adequate certifications and get inspected regularly. A continuous grower assistance by our specialists is a vivid part of our company philosophy.


    Jolife takes pride in the experience and knowledge we gain in 90 years of hard work and dedication in this domain. Our philosophy has always been the same: the love for nature, the respect for the consumers and of the producers. Our mission is always been underlined by a strong spirt of self-betterment, growth, innovation and excellence, which become a fundamental skill to be able to confer the right value to consumers’ demands for fresh and high-quality products grown by the principles of biological and biodynamic agriculture.

    Jolife Biorganic branded fruit and vegetables are also traceable through the innovative QR code, which allows consumers to make a conscious decision while buying fresh products. Indeed, the QR is a special kind of code which allows consumers to have all the necessary information of the products that is being bought.


    The main values of Jolife and Jolife Bioorganic are the same: responsibility, reliability and authenticity. These values underly our work with conventional and biological products. They have also a huge role in the company policy and represent the core of our vision of leadership and HR-management.

    Responsibility, reliability and authenticity are also the principles which drive our work and communication with suppliers, clients, and consumers.


    In the organic world, as in the conventional fruit-trading domain, we guarantee control of the production and its supply chain through the application of our skills and abilities also on fair-trade and social level. We are able to achieve this also through a global team of growers and a vast range of clients.

    Our core-skills are:

    • Agronomic consulting
    • Packaging
    • Product innovation
    • Logistics
    • Marketing
    • Distribution


    The specific characteristics and innovation underlying the organic agriculture and trade, have motivated Jolife’s to open itself to this new, and innovative production/trading. Hence, Jolife Biorganic: a new concept with an innovative twist. The term Jolife is a synonym of tradition, reliability, and experience. Jolife’ symbol is a stylized ladybug, a very common, and extremely precious insect in organic agriculture. Indeed, ladybugs eat damaging insects for biological fruit and vegetables. Ladybugs are part of the beetles. They are also called entomophilous insects, as they feed themselves with other insects. Among the insects they eat, there are dangerous parasites for fruit and vegetables. Jolife: NATURAL. Jolife Biorganic values un-altered, un-manipulated, and natural fruit and vegetables which are grown according to nature’s principles. When we buy Jolife Biorganic, we are buying fruit and vegetables that are healthier, safer, tastier and fuller of vital vitamins. And we should not undervalue the fact that by buying Jolife Biorganic, we are also taking care of the environment.

    The brand of the Iseppi Group.

    We are present in the sector of fruit and vegetables since 1930.
    Our mission is to make fruit and vegetables a natural and happy choice,
    thereby contributing to a healthier and happier life, as it is rich in fruit and vegetables.ura.

    We establish our quality standards under the perspective of the European decree on sustainable agriculture.

    We develop and sustain with our partners the Global G.a.p./G.R.A.S.P. form.