About Us

    JOLIFE is the joy of eating healthily.
    For a healthier and happier life as it is richer in fruit and vegetables, at all times of day.

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    guarantee of quality

    Jolife fruit and vegetables are grown according to quality standards established from the perspective of the European decree on sustainable agriculture. Our producers receive assistance and technical and agronomic support. The treatment logbooks are audited, pre-harvest analyses are performed and the products being delivered are checked.
    Jolife farmers follow strict rules indicating the specific varieties, times, methods and techniques of cultivation.

    sustainable agriculture

    We use production methods in respect of the environment and the health of consumers.
    We optimise the use of resources used in agriculture.
    We protect the soil by way of organic fertilisation and crop rotations.

    responsabilità sociale

    We are constantly committed to ensuring full respect of the rights of our collaborators and the working environment.

    The brand of the Iseppi Group.

    We are present in the sector of fruit and vegetables since 1930.
    Our mission is to make fruit and vegetables a natural and happy choice,
    thereby contributing to a healthier and happier life, as it is rich in fruit and vegetables.ura.

    We establish our quality standards under the perspective of the European decree on sustainable agriculture.

    We develop and sustain with our partners the Global G.a.p./G.R.A.S.P. form.