Trocadero lettuce

    How They Grow

    • The term lettuce comes from “lactucus” (rich in milk), an allusion to the latex that exudes from some parts of the plant when it is cut or scored.
    • Cultivation starts in specialized plant nurseries. Only the best plants are selected for field planting.
    • Lettuce is harvested by hand, in a very selective manner.

    Their benefits

    • Lettuce is particularly rich in mineral salts and has a good content of citric and caffeic acids, and cellulose.
    • It is useful to replenish minerals and trace elements lost with perspiration.
    • Refreshing, depurative, remineralizing and sedative. It is indicated to aid against nervousness, demineralization and insomnia, and as a decongestant.
    • Eaten before meals, it gives a sense of fullness.
    • Pre-washed and packaged salads lose some of their nutrients, so it is always better to buy and eat fresh salad.
    19 kcal/100g0 g/100g0 mg/100g240 mg/100g


    Wrap in kitchen paper, put in an open plastic bag and keep in the fridge for only a few days.

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