Peaches & nectarines

    How They Grow

    • Numerous varieties of peaches are grown. The nectarine is a variety of hairless peach, characterised by its smooth skin and its sweet and slightly acidy taste.
    • Jolife peaches and nectarines are handpicked, one by one.
    • Peaches and nectarines are sensitive to low temperatures: once harvested, they are therefore sent immediately to the point of sale.

    Their benefits

    • The high content of water and mineral salts makes them extremely thirst-quenching, ideal for summer.
    • Naturally rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.
    • They help the skin to stay supple and youthful.
    • They provide easily digestible sugars, so they are ideal as a snack.
    • A peach smoothie, adding a cup of apple juice, is an excellent detoxing aperitif, and it can help your metabolism of the whole meal.
    0 mg/100g27 kcal/100g27 µq/100g4 µq/100g


    Store the fruit in the refrigerator, or in a cool place, for a week at most. To avoid them moulding, place them in a plastic bag with holes.
    In order to make them ripen, put them in a paper bag and leave them at room temperature for two, maximum three, days. Paper, unlike plastic, is able to maintain the appropriate moisture content for them to ripen.

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