Iceberg lettuce

    How They Grow

    • It is particularly liked due to its sweetness and reduced amount of waste.
    • Its cultivation commences in specialist nurseries. Only the best plants are chosen to be planted in the field.
    • 30 to 90 days elapse from planting the seedling in the field to its maturation.
    • The harvest is done by hand, extremely selectively.

    Their benefits

    • Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and fibre.
    • It stimulates the natural functioning of the intestine.
    • It has a high satiating power: eat it at the start of the meal.
    • It rehydrates the body and helps to restore the balance of mineral salts and trace elements lost through sweating.
    • The “fat” consistency of the leaves makes this lettuce crispy and refreshing.
    0 g/100g0 mg/100g95,6 g/100g194 uq/100g


    Compared to other lettuces, it lasts longer in the refrigerator.
    Store it in the vegetable drawer, wrapped in a paper bag or in an unsealed plastic bag.

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