How They Grow

    • There are many cultivated varieties of zucchini, with different shapes and skin colors.
    • Jolife zucchini are cultivated both in the open field and in greenhouses.
    • Zucchini are monoecious plants, with solitary male or female flowers that open early in the morning. The flowers are fertilized by insects, such as bees and bumblebees.
    • Zucchini are usually harvested starting 40 to 50 days after field transplant.
    • Jolife zucchini are hand picked with a knife.

    Their benefits

    • Thanks to their 93.60% water content, zucchini have a refreshing effect.
    • They are naturally rich in minerals, especially potassium.
    • They are easy to digest.
    • Magnesium and zinc are found in the skin and are particularly abundant in dark varieties.
    • To preserve their vitamin content, it is best to steam cook or bake them in the oven at medium heat.
    11 kcal/100g0 g/100g0 mg/100g93,6 mg/100g


    Zucchini can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 week.
    You can also freeze them after cooking, to preserve their fragrance and taste.

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