Mange tout

    How They Grow

    • Mange tout look very like common peas: they stand out due to their pods, which are larger, wider and flatter, and they are eaten whole.
    • They are harvested when they are still soft, so that they can be eaten whole.
    • The harvesting of Jolife mange tout is done manually.

    Their benefits

    • Naturally rich in fibres, potassium, phosphorous and other minerals.
    • They stimulate the intestine and constitute excellent remedies against colitis and constipation.
    • They help to reduce cholesterol.
    • Mange tout has good vegetable protein content, so it can be enjoyed even as a main dish.
    0 mg/100g81 kcal/100g5,4 g/100g5,1 g/100g


    You can store them in the refrigerator for roughly 2-3 days.

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